Fruit Flavored Ice Cream

I avoid eating refined sugars in pretty much everything due to my rheumatoid arthritis.  I also try to avoid large amounts of natural sugars (by not eating a ton of honey, drinking watered down fruit juice, etc.).  But I still love ice cream in it’s various forms.

Alton Brown has a decent recipe for ice cream and something we learned on his show Good Eats is that you can substitute fruit preserves for the sugar in the recipe.  Quite some time ago we found some fruit preserves that didn’t add any sugar and have been using that for sandwhiches and toast.  We decided to use it to make some strawberry ice cream.  The texture and consistency could be better, but the flavor was wonderful.  It also made a great ice cream for fruit milkshakes.

We’ll be trying peach next, and then hopefully black cherry.   Mmmmmmmm, Ice Cream.


2 responses to “Fruit Flavored Ice Cream

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