Breakfast Burritos

We call these Breakfast Burritos because they have breakfasty foods in them, but we make them for any meal.  It’s the same concept you’ve seen at a dozen different fast food restaraunts: eggs with other ingredients in a tortilla served hot.  At home, they are quick and easy and are a great way to use up leftover baked potatoes.  Of course, once we started making them, we had leftover baked potatoes on hand all the time. 

These aren’t necessarily the most healthy of foods, but it just depends on what ingredients you stuff them with.  We normally make them with scrambled eggs, ground sausage, home fries (left over baked potatoes cut into cubes and fried in the pan in a light coating of cooking oil), and cheddar cheese.  This is the standard for our house simply because that’s what we have on hand.  When we have something different, we’ll often use it.  Change up your fillings and your seasons and you could have a different breakfast burrito every meal of the day for over a week.

These are very satisfying without being too heavy, they travel well, and they can be pretty cheap to make depending on your fillings.

*Update – Shortly after writing this I discovered this post at The Nourising Gourmet  (HT: Trying Traditional) and thought this meal fit well with the idea.  So check out the links.


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