Sugar Sugar!

We know and understand that alot of people don’t really believe that sugar is that big of a problem for young kids.  However, every time we allow our little ones to indulge in dessert, we are reminded with ever strengthening results of the toll it takes on their little selves.

The past few days the girls have been allowed to have a couple oreo cookies.  Nothing extreme, even in this household of strict dietary controls.  Today they have been completely different children.  Normally they are obedient (in as much as we enforce the rules we set), caring, patient, and mild mannered.  Not today.  Today they have been throwing fits and tantrums, not wanting to be near us and wanting us to hold them (sometimes at the same time), and generally being bi-polar.  We’ve seen this before, it always comes sometime after the sugar intake.  It will pass as we restrict sugar from the diet again.  But it strikes us how drastically their behavior is modified by eating a little bit of a certain kind of food.


3 responses to “Sugar Sugar!

  1. It is pretty scary how just a small amount of sugar can affect people – especially kids. I was highly sensitive to sugar as a child, and quite frankly I still am! One glass of coca cola and I’m totally loopy.. I worked in a nursery school where we served NO sugar at all during mealtimes, and children’s parents were asked not to send sweets/candies in with the children. We had one child who was, to be totally honest, a nightmare – completely hyperactive, and would then sit down in a slump at the end of the day. A quick chat with this particular four year old revealed that she had sweets/candy at breakfast time, and when she got home in the afternoons. I discussed the issues with her (worried) mother, and after a few months – the child’s behaviour changed dramatically. I think a lot of people underestimate just how much sugar can affect children’s behaviour, and while I’m not saying kids should have NO sugar – I feel that it should definately be restricted. There are plenty of no, or low, sugar puddings and sweets/candies, so children really DON’T have to miss out on treats in the longrun. Good luck with reducing their intake – it’ll be worth it in the long run 🙂 x

  2. Yeah, we see a lot of kids who are just all over the place in their behavior and one of the first things I think of is what their parents give them to eat.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Very glad to see parents getting reasonable.

    Thanks for sharing:)

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