Rye Bread

We found a great recipe for rye bread at King Arthur Flour’s website.  It’s a bread recipe meant specifically for sandwiches and it turned out just as great as they said it would.  It’s a little more difficult than some other recipes, so if you’ve never made bread before, don’t start with this one, try the Multi-Grain Honey Wheat Bread and pay attention to the tips found on their recipe.

We used a rye flour instead of pumpernickel (because it was all we could find around here).   When we saw that the rye bread called for pumpernickel flour and we couldn’t find rye flour in the recipe, we were wondering what the deal was.  We’ve heard of rye bread, and pumpernickel bread, and never paid that much attention.  Turns out that they are basically the same thing in that they both derive from the rye berry.  The pumpernickel flour (or meal) is usually coarsely ground using the whole grain, whereas rye flour is only made from the endosperm.  So in the tradition of healthy whole grains, follow King Arthur Flour’s recipe and use pumpernickel flour.  (After some checking, the rye flour we have is made from the whole grain.  So I guess you can’t just go by the name on the box so check the ingredients.  I suppose ours is called rye flour because it is finely ground.)   We also found it to be a little strong on the pickle flavor (pickle juice is one of the ingredients if you haven’t yet checked out the recipe).  I’ll hold judgement until we try it with pumpernickel flour and I imagine that the bread is even better than we made it.  As it was, it came out quite nicely.  After discovering our flour used the whole grain, I believe we’ll try cutting back on the pickle juice a little bit.  But it’s still good as is.


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