Homemade Fruit & Nut Bars

If you aren’t familiar with Larabars, they are fairly healthy, low processed, fruit and nut bars (with other added flavors or ingredients depending on the flavor of the bar). They are quite good and make great snacks, meals on the go and even dessert.

Anytime we find a product we like that is good for us, my wife will try making it at home. Often it can be less expensive. And with as few ingredients as can be found in Larabars, they are fairly easy to duplicate and adjust to desired tastes. (My wife’s peanut butter varieties are much better than Larabar’s). The key for most Larabars are dates. And a good blender. We use a Blendtec because that’s what we have (and because it’s awesome).

Here’s the recipe from my wife for the cashew cookie flavor: “I don’t measure anything. Normal recipe is to blend some cashews and a few almonds into small pieces. Dump out of blender. Blend some dates until in a paste. Dump into bowl with nuts and stir. Press into load pan refrigerate and cut into bars.”


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