My Story

My name is Christian and I’m a preacher in Northeast Missouri.  I have a beuatifal young family that I love dearly and I hope has benefited from our struggles to eat well.  I started this blog after years of working hard with my wife to drastically change what we eat on a regular basis.  I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 25.  My arthritis progressively got worse until almost every joint on both hands were red, swollen, and in pain.  That, I could live with (especially with the help of a few Ibuprofens), but it severely messed up my ability to get good sleep, and therefore my ability to minister and function well. 

So we began to research everything we could to help relieve the symptoms of my arthritis (and hopefully prevent damage from occurring.  I did visit a Rheumatologist and received the standard progression of treatment (by drugs) that are espoused by the medical community.  At the same time however, we were working hard to change what we could to also help.  We weren’t overweight, we already didn’t drink caffeine, we don’t smoke, drink, rarely take over the counter drugs, let alone illegal substances, and I didn’t have any family history of arthritis.  But we still found a ton (and I mean a ton) of anecdotal evidence suggesting various diet changes that can drastically reduce the impact of rheumatoid arthritis and in some cases completely relieve it.

And so, despite our very healthy lifestyle and balanced diet (according to cultural norms), we began to make changes to how we ate.  The greatest and hardest change we’ve made (and really are still making) is removing refined sugar from our diet and reducing natural sugars.  We don’t buy anything with added sugar (unless it’s honey), and the all natural products that have a high sugar content (like fruit juices) are served in smaller portions.  For instance, when I do drink juice, it is watered down at least 50%.  We’ve also been making more meals from scratch and buying fresh products whenever we can.  You’ll find the results of this work in this blog, including recipes, tips, and my own story full of anecdotal evidence on the impact of the diet on our lives, both physically and emotionally.


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